About Us

The traditional balance of spices and seasonings of unique cultures and the migration of those traditions into new combinations and the birth of new cuisines. 

The unique blend of seasonings adopted from the four corners of the world.


Our mission is to provide a new level of bold and approachable flavors, while staying true to the highest kosher standards.

Each menu item is created with a touch of Southern influence you may see right here in Nashville, TN.

It’s an experience you will look forward to having time and again. A new tradition. 

We work on maintaining a focus at each stage, beginning with the selection of the ingredients that will comprise each dish, the combination of new flavor profiles, and the finishing touches in the smallest detail for all menu items. For us, priority has been, and will always be, to give you the best experience, both through our food and service. 

Cherry Tomato Salad

Our Story

My earliest memories of food are of being at the table, watching my great grandmother and mother create meals from what seemed like the same few basic ingredients. It was an art..and in many respects we are all artists.


I was six years old when I started cooking. I knew I had the bug. I loved cooking, but more than that I loved seeing the experience of joy and surprise on a person’s face after the first few bites.

I cook from the heart and a place of richness...sometimes but seldom from a recipe. 


During my final year in high school, I was working part time in restaurants gaining an understanding of food and the priority placed on great service. 

I went on to study Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional management and Culinary Arts and graduating from the culinary institute in Barbados. 

I continued honing my skills in hotels and restaurants each with a focus on quality and service. Most notably is the Sandy Lane Hotel, which today is still regarded as one of the premier luxury properties in the Caribbean, and well known worldwide.


Moving to Nashville was the next step in my culinary evolution. After 10 years in one of Nashville's premier hotels, later also working as an assistant kitchen manager for a large catering company. My final step was the Culinary Director for a Southern restaurant and Meal delivery service. Now I've ventured out to pursue another concept with a focus on providing kosher catering and special meals to the Nashville Jewish community.

My latest venture, CreOlé, is a collaboration focused on preserving and showcasing foods and dessert recipes from many regions. and highlighting a new truly Nashville food experience. 

A key factor in this new vision is also to incorporate my unique perspective and influence of flavors to enhance the variety and introduce bolder flavors to the city's vibrant culinary scene.