CrèOle- The Beginning

CréOle came about from the desire to share the bold flavors of food from different regions around the world.

CrèOle (Criollo in Spanish), stems from the tradition of dishes, flavors, spices and history that are an essential part of who we are. The name is an apt fusion of cultures that borrow the sentiments of celebrations and creativity in homes and restaurants touching many language groups.

Like many of us living in Nashville today, CreOlé is a unique blend of differing tastes and influences, each inspired by the unique seasons of the year.

There is a deliberate focus on ingredients in each dish; flavors to highlight salty or sweet, spicy notes or just a hint of heat. These traditions are passed from one generation to another- perfected, at times evolving...though the heart of the dish remains the same.

Today, perhaps the most vibrant indicator of any cuisine is its people- their zest for good times and yes, great food!! These are all part of the attraction and inspiration behind who we are. CrèOle.

Be a part of the CrèOle experience. Welcome to our table.

Carlos Davis.

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